One Drop

What advice do you guys have for a young guy like me trying to make it in the reggae industry? I'm 16 and continuously trying to find an established reggae artist/band to help me on my way to becoming a better musician.

Oh and is there anyway I can get an autograph from all the band members.?!

One Drop responded on 06/19/2013

Hello Julian. Write music and sing from your heart. Be completely honest with your self and lay it all out there. Dont compare yourself to other bands or artist. Make your own name. Work with others that share the same dream and work load and hit it every day. Put attention and detail to every part of your band (Sound, Material, graphic designs, quality of merch, websites, photos, etc) Get out and play as many shows as you can, meet your fans, stay in touch with them and you should do well.

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