One Drop

Hi James, Anders, Larry, Mark, John and Alex (I hope I got everyone right)! I discovered you on Pandora and listened to your albums on Spotify and downloaded them for my personal collection. I am really really really in love with your songs! Thank you for putting great music out there and I hope you continue. I wish you many blessings and look forward to seeing you guys make it HUGE!

I'm in San Francisco and really bummed out that I'm going to miss your show at Cafe Du Nord in August (going out of town!). I hope to catch a show in the near future. I'm from Guam so maybe I'll see you out there too! =)

Other than expressing my love for One Drop, I do have some questions! How did the band form? What does the bird on all your albums signify? Where's your favorite place to perform? Where's your dream place to perform? What do you guys do when you aren't playing awesome music?

P.S. James, I love your voice!

One Drop responded on 06/24/2013

Hello Jo. Thank you so much for the kind words!!! Sorry to hear you will miss us but Im sure we will be back to SF bay area soon (a few months) after our August date. So you are from Guam. We will be out there the 2nd week of July. We love making that trip!!..

Band met through mutual friends and has evolve as through mutual fiends still. The bird is a beach dweller, like us but notice the nap sack and injured wing which signifies he struggle and search. Something we all share in a world of ups and downs. So many favorite places to perform Guam, Ecuador and Hawaii have been some of the most exotic places but we are grateful for everywhere we have been. we are now in Florida for the first time and its been wonderful out here. So much love for One Drop!!! Dream place to play??? European tour! When we are not playing music many of us hold jobs (Sales, Music teacher, Shipping receiving, Recording engineers) but for free time we like Soccer, Beach time & Reading books

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